DIY Recipes With My Roses


The red rose whispers of passion,
And the white rose breathes of love;
O, the red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a dove.
 – John Boyle O’Reilly

The blush of my roses has increased with the bloom of spring season. When I wake up in a cool morning and see their cute, cheeky petals, my heart blows with the mesmerizing breeze. They cost nothing but give priceless happiness.


For a happy life, you may consider having a Rolls Rice, but for a content life, I would love to see my rose (plants) rise. While taking a morning walk or having an evening fiesta at the lawn, the charm of my roses always fills my soul with content.


D.I.Y Candle Arrangement

Are you planning for a candle light dinner? Why not you opt for roses for decoration on your table. You don’t need a specific candle stand. Make a D.I.Y candle arrangement for the dinner.

  • Just take a crystal bowl.
  • Pour in some water and put some candles, ice cubes and some roses.
  • Voila! You get wonderful decor without spending a penny.




DIY Rose Bouquet

Well said,

“The fragrance always stays in the hands that give roses.” – George Willium Curtis

You forgot to buy a gift for your spouse or out of budget? Here is a D.I.Y rose bouquet tutorial:

  • Pluck some fresh red rose bunches
  • Wrap and ribbon them in a bouquet.
  • Sprinkle them with lovely glitter.
  • Now see the twinkling stars in the eyes of your loved one while receiving
The world is a rose. Smell it and pass it to your friends. – A Persian Proverb

D.I.Y Glow Spray

Feeling dull and dry as aftershocks of winter? Make a rose glow spray.

  • Boil 1 liter water.
  • Now add 250 gm rose petals to the boiling water and simmer on low heat for 1/2 hour.
  • Store this water to a spray bottle and refrigerate.
  • Spray this water all over your face and neck 2 – 3 times a day to see the blooming rose glow on your face.



My World Exists Beyond The Stars

“Such a small world”, well said. So I am seeking for the one which exists beyond stars. My dream is to fly high to the end of this horizon and then after leaving this world, take a step ahead and cross the stars. All this continued to happen till I seek refuge under the sunlight beaming through my window curtain.


We have different dreams and sometimes, we have the same dream repeatedly. Sometimes, I used to have nightmares in childhood.


I ran away all night from the old witch who wanted to kill me with her knife. While running, I lost my shoe always.

Similarly, I often dreamed in my childhood that I was flying in the sky; floating high upon orchids, hills, valleys and fields.


Exactly a year ago from today, I dreamed that there was a lion, a lioness and their cub playing around on a sea shore.

There is no soft pillow as a clear conscience – A French Proverb

Dreams depend upon moods and health. If you suffer from anxiety, your dreams may be confusing or you may have nightmares as well. Like I had the “witch lady dream” in my childhood due to mental stress during my studies.


Likewise, eating too much before you go to bed may increase the chance of nightmares. For enjoying super sweet dreams, eat light dinner at least 2 hours before you go to bed. Sweet dreams!

Buy or Die – Women’s Quest for Jewels

By Saeeda Tanveer


“I have enough jewelry.”  – No one said

I was going on M. M. Alam Road to buy some new arrivals at Sapphire outlet, but rushed to Hanif Jeweler while passing by their shop. I instantly got the mystique of that diamond ring. My cousin had a 25% off voucher with us. All of a sudden, I was coming out of the shop while wearing that ring in my finger thinking:

“It is better to have a single perfect diamond than a sack of flawed stones.” – Erin Morgenstern


Gifts are so essential for us on all occasions. We always remember birthdays, Valentine day, first time meeting, engagement, wedding, anniversary and departures and arrivals as well.  Whether it is a birthday or anniversary; among all gifts; that little box with gold ornaments would win my heart. I assume,

“Jewelry is like the perfect spice – it always compliments what’s in there.”  – DVF


Sometimes, I want to unsubscribe from these sticky promotional emails, but then, it comes to my mind that there may be a worth seeing new jewelry design. What if I could not grab that before my counterparts? And what will be the reaction of Mrs. Hassan when I would wear that ornament?


Should i Unsubscribe


This craze for jewelry was discovered ages ago. You find the scope of jewelry, whether you see Greek or Indus Valley civilization. Queens wore their treasure with absolute grace. Similarly, Lady Diana’s engagement ring became the trend of her era.


Lady Diana wearing her legendary ring



My grandmother’s jewelry was the heritage of my mother and some of it passed on to me. From the old antiques to the new masterpiece, women’s lust for jewels never ends. We are sometimes near to death when come along a marvelous design and cannot buy instantly.

“Women like their money where they can see it. That’s around their neck and fingers.”

The status of a woman is judged with her exposure of ornaments in our society. Some days ago, I attended a wedding where women were gossiping about the status of the bride’s jewelry that it was gold plated and not real gold.  Hence, “All that glitter, is not gold” was proved.

Gold Plated Jewelry

While we, the women; are so crazy for these fundamentals in our lives, men neglect them sometimes. There will be rare chance that a husband did not buy jewelry for his wife. Above all, a wedding ring is specially given by the groom to his bride. But, this little lightweight commodity is very heavy expenditure for men.

By the way, I was able to impress Mrs. Hassan and my other counterparts by showing my new purchase as stated above. Whew!

Kitchen Garden: A Healthy Home Treat


By Saeeda Tanveer

My house doesn’t have a typical lawn just as larger houses do, but still I am fond of gardening. Since my sister (who lives in Nepal) told me that she has grown a terrace garden.

There are various plants you can grow at home and use in cooking. Believe me; they look beautiful while on plant and taste marvelous when cooked.

While the vegetables and fruits in market are usually inorganic and may have bad effects on your health. The good news is, home grown fruits and vegetables are organic and make good effects on your health.


Tomato, mint, coriander, spinach, sweet melon, garlic and green chili are very good choices to start with among vegetables. Since you like little sweet and sour fragrance of lemon in your house and in your food, you can always choose to grow lemons.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera in my house once grow tremendously in a pot and we had to shift baby Aloe Vera plants in another pot. It has many skin healing properties and can be used in beauty tips.





Similarly, Basil leaves plant enhances moods. Its charming fragrance stimulates our body and mind. Just add a bunch of flowers in your bath tub along with Luke warm water in the morning and it will boost your energy levels.




These cultivations are a cute gift for your friends and loved ones.  What is better than home grown red grapes gift as you visit some loved ones house? I still remember when my grandmother used to send us sweet and juicy bunches of red grapes and some green ones in our childhood. When I visited her in down town, I always pluck some of the bunch fresh and ate them heart full.



What about pomegranates pluck fresh and eat to your heart? I have done this several times at my aunt’s house in Lahore. These little pearls with tangy flavor full of nutrition, grown with caress, are matchless.



Jasmine tea is very much in trend (Now available in different brands). How about a cup of jasmine tea which is 100% home based? Just 2 good leaves or a flower; in a boiled cup of water; sitting in cool breeze; on your terrace garden can blow your mind out of all whorls of your hectic routine.



You will get magnificent results on your body and health just like me when you will chase your happiness through nature. By all means, a little garden is a blessing of God. All the hustle and bustle of life is calmed down when you visit these green grown creatures. Good luck with yours!!!