How to Relax Colic Among Infants?

I did not sleep all night and could not calm down for the whole day due to colic problem of Alizay (my daughter). It always takes me doing

“Tap – Tap – Tap – Burp”

What is Colic and why does it happen?

The infants generate gas in stomach after their tummy time or being hungry while waiting for tummy time (both cases may be same, because babies just remain hungry all the time.)

Need help? Advice is free of course. Everyone gives 100% free advises for your baby’s health. Most of the mothers follows them. My experience in this matter is really bad.

I tried various digestive drops, colic drops and gripe water brands. Anything did not work well, but even made the situation worse. When I increased the dose, it ended up on vomits and the worst gas in her stomach.

Alizay’s doctor then suggested me a massage therapy, which saved my life. I massage her belly in the following manner:

Colic Baby Massage


  • Your baby’s tummy pressure will release in no time.
  • It will improve the bowel movement.
  • Tight belly with gas will become softer.
  • The baby will soothe and calm down within minutes.

I sing Alizay’s favorite rhyme while doing this massage. It encourages her to interact with me. The song also diverts her mind and she begins to enjoy. It says

I Love You; You Love Me,

We’re a Happy family,

There is a Great Big Hug

And a Kiss From Me To You

Won’t You Say You Love Me Too!

Hope my post will be helpful for those new moms like me, who combat with baby colic.

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